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Jon Macnaughton

Jon Mcnaughton

Jon McNaughton is an established artist from Utah whose new paintings have attracted the international attention of millions. Highly detailed religious and patriotic subjects are the focus of his paintings. The artist’s experiences and faith are the inspiration for his work.

“I have traveled to many places around the world to know my subjects, but when I work on a painting with many figures I will usually pose models and photograph them and then paint them as I see them in my mind. I choose to paint from the heart and evoke my personal vision into each painting.”

I prefer to paint pictures that I believe have relevance to what is going on in the world, that make a statement, that stand for something. I hope people will study the paintings and try to understand the deeper meaning. Some of the themes are controversial, but I feel strongly about what is happening in our world today. There are three kinds of people who view my paintings: Those who like it, those who hate it, and those who simply don’t understand. I am especially interested in this last category. I hope my work will create conversation and reach people on a deeper level. I like to use metaphor and multiple levels of meaning to reach my viewer. If it makes them think and feel, then it is successful.”

Arthur Kwon Lee

Arthur Kwon Lee

“Our current cultural climate has lost touch with paying tribute to our shared consciousness, we live in a time of irreverence and a blatant normalization of decadence. Visually, the solution takes place transcendentally by either a communication with the unconscious or the excavation into the symbolic. With that said, I believe that the seeds of the new counter culture are planted in the wisdom of the Ancients. As a reaction to the postmodern era - orthodoxy is the new punk rock. That is to say the religious, canonized and pedagogical sentiments in our history lie the answers to the ideological subversions consistently placated and controlled in our mainstream media, Hollywood and universities. I am spreading light the only way I know how, by using my brush righteously - resurfacing the foundation we have strayed so far away from.”

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Where we turn artists into the yield farm and their fans plant the seeds. We are the first-ever to create a split APY system between creators and the users staking on them. You literally earn interest staking on your favorite artist. This turns your favorite artist into a bank.





We integrate with the top smart chains. the top yield farms and the top automated market makers to provide options and stability for all participants.


Our Social media feed, similar to Instagram, is actually an NFT feed and it's all for sale. And you can set fundraising goals similar to GoFundMe.


We are a blogging platform. Within this blog is a Paywall solution like Patreon, available only to those that are staking on the artist or organization. You could compare this to Substack except we don't want your email.
Convert your account into your own domain, so "" does not have to be in the URL. It can be your own custom URL. Think of this like a Shopify store, where the url does not need "shopify" in it.
The first platform that allows anonymous recurring donations.
The first platform that allows users to stake on their favorite artist or organization and split the APY percentage.
The first platform that allows users to donate without spending money! Just stake your tokens and remove 100% of those tokens when done staking.
The first DeFi platform that allows artists to provide content behind a paywall (what we call a StakeWall).
The first NFT platform that helps those in need raise money to meet goals through NFTs. Think of GoFundMe style fundraising but with NFTs.

Community Governance
Diamond Hands For Social Change

Community votes on a range of issues, including which charities, new media and defense funds will get EGO allocated funds raised through donations. A community pool of donations will be sent to winners on a monthly basis. The winners are decided by a vote from the community, with the votes weighted by the number of tokens one holds.

Voting for politicians feels like a giant waste of time. Voting on various decentralized cypto platforms is often void of 'real world' consequences. We will give money to those who need it most and your vote will help change the world.

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Memorandum of Understanding


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This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) sets for the terms and understanding between Go and the participant in relation to the use of the EGO online system and the EGO Token to promote and diversify their online social engagement.

Go is developing a state of the art online platform that will allow social media and media influencers to engage with their user base in a much more interactive and rewarding way. Go is developing the EGO token and the EGO platform which will let users reward and incentives those who participate in their online activities.

This MOU lays out the intention of the participant to use the EGO system to promote, build, and reward brand engagement. In return, the EGO system will be allowed to use the participants’s image and name as associated with the project for the purposes of working together. Likewise, the participant is entitled to use the EGO branding and name to promote the project. Both the participant and Go may reference the existence of this MOU.

Nothing in this document is designed to form a legal relationship. This document serves to show the good faith intention of Go and the participant to work together in the future.

There is no consideration paid to either party for the purposes of this MOU.

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