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Changing The Donation Game Forever
DeFi + Social Tokens + NFT+ Social Media
Token: $EGO.
Community Governance with Real World Impact

Building Community Through Engagement and Incentivization for the Donation Industry with a focus on artists, non-profits and influencers. 

Decentralized Financing and Non-Fungible Tokens for a donation-driven economy – where donors can not only generate revenue for themselves but for artists and charities they love.


Let’sGo.Finance Is a blockchain-based donation and media company. Let’s Go! Has designed a donation system built around staking, NFT’s,  rewards, engagement, community governance and an incentive system that will result in influencers in multiple industries promoting the Let’sGo! platform with tremendous passion and veracity.  

$EGO tokens offer access to the Let’sGo! Platform. Within the community, users have the ability to stake, donate, buy and earn their precious EGO. Participants are rewarded with EGO for their staking and donations for the projects that are listed on Let’s Go!. Unlike other donation platforms, users can stake on a project and determine what percentage APY both the project and the user (person staking) will receive. If the user stakes a single stable coin or large cap coin (not EGO), the artist will receive payment in a stable coin plus whatever percentage of APY in EGO the user would like to split.

$EGO tokens give unique governance opportunities to the influencer-driven community, including how money is donated to charities, activism, defense funds and new media. Think of it like the TV show Shark Tank but instead of a few panelists judging the fate of those in need of money, it is a decentralized group of EGOmaniacs.


In 2008 the citizens began protesting Wall Street and banker bailouts, in what would become known as “Occupy Wall Street”. This energy and the non-stop printing of USD by the Federal Reserve lead to the creation and necessity of a new currency: Bitcoin.

What followed in the next 10+ years was a flood of innovation in the blockchain space.

At the same time, tech giants, along with banks, credit card processors, donation websites and more began removing users for violating “Terms of Use”, which can be ill-defined and ever-changing. Artists, activists, influencers and more began to find that in order to remain on the platforms of traditional fundraising solutions, they had to censor themselves.

The above created the necessity of a new payment system for creators, organizations and charities: Let’sGo!.


Let’sGo! Is a decentralized donation platform that connects artists and organizations to supporters. Supporters can stake and receive a high APY% of the $EGO token. This rewards those staking and will incentivize participation. At the same time, the user will choose a percentage being staked to go to an organization or artist. In addition, artists can receive a percentage of APY in a stable coin.

By leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology and utilizing the split APY model of of donating, along with optional paywalls, Let’sGo is leading the way in the donation space. We not only escape the pitfalls of censorship and payment blockages, we allow participants to govern in a multitude of ways, including votes on what charities and artists receive tokens from the “Donation Vaults”. This will again increase participation within our platform, as the community votes on where funds will be distributed.

The Let’sGo’s marketing team has 20 Billion video views for clients over the past 6 years resulting in millions in sales and donations for clients in the areas of fundraising, charity, politics and health. They understand the need for decentralized donation platforms on both a business and personal level, void of censorship and banking restrictions.


Let’sGo! is the future of donating and fundraising. The combination of micro-influencers, well-known artists and charities working towards social good will create a marketing machine on social media that can’t be stopped, which will result in incentivized and organic marketing by influencers and brands.

Your staking potential is limited. But together our love and passion are limitless.

Unlike any donation platform before, Let’sGo! combines the incentives for users to stake for massive returns and dedicate a percentage to their favorite artist or organization.

They stake for a cause they want to support.

As a result, egonomics creates diamond hands for social good.

Supporters can donate, without spending money and be rewarded in a big way.

There are no credit card cancellations.

Your tokens allow you to vote on critical societal issues and new projects.

Every. Vote. Counts. (on the blockchain)

Just stake it and forget it!

TOKENOMICS - The EgoSystem


Token Name: $EGO 

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Initial 

Circulating Supply: 31,000,000 

Initial Market Cap: $700,000

Private Sale56,666,666 6%$.015$850,000
Public Sale15,000,0001.5%$.025$375,000
Seed Round5% 15% at listing and remaining 85% unlocked monthly for 11 months.
Private Round 6% 15% at listing and remaining 85% unlocked every quarter over 3 quarters
Public Sale 1.5% 100% at listing
Advisors 5%Linearly released in 12 months
Team21%Linearly released in 36 months
Marketing13% Allotted Promotions, Partnerships and Bonuses.
Staking47.5% Allotted Staking, NFT participation mining and burning incentives
Liquidity1% 100% at listing
EGO Tokenomics

Name: EGO

Total Supply1 Billion

Smartchain: BSC

Initial Market Cap: $200,000

Initial Token Value: .02

Initial Tokens Released: 15,000,000

Token Distribution is as follows:

SEED: 100 Million Tokens

15% of the core team tokens will be distributed within the first 90 days of launch.

After this period the remaining 85% will be distributed over an 14 month time-frame (6,071,428 per month).

Core Network: 150 Million Tokens

Our core team network tokens will begin distribution 4 weeks after launch. This will occur monthly for 10 years.

Each month 1,250,000 tokens will be distributed.

Marketing: 150 Million Tokens

This is reserved for promotions, bonuses, events and ads. These tokens will be distributed over a 60 month period. This will begin 4 weeks after launch. 2,500,000 tokens will be distributed each month.

Advisors and Counsel: 50 Million Tokens

Special advisors and counsel will receive 50 million tokens over 48 Months. Token distribution will begin after 4 weeks. This is 1,041,667 tokens per month.

Staking: 550 Million Tokens

550 million tokens, or 55% of supply, will be reserved for staking.


Burning of supply will happen through “buy back” of released tokens.

How this works:
We take a fee from non-EGO staking cards. For these staking fees we divide up our fee in 3 parts. 

  • One: To the company
  • Two: To the community to vote on how to distribute – to charity, new media launch, disaster relief, activism, etc. 
  • Three: To buy back and burn market supply.

To clarify, this is not burning supply reserves. This is actual burning of supply on the market.

FUEGO Tokenomics


Smartchain: ETH

Initial Market Cap: $84,400

Initial Token Value: .025

Initial Tokens Released: Up to 50 Million will be airdropped

Token Distribution is as follows:

Team: 150 Million Tokens

Our team network tokens will begin distribution 2 weeks after launch. This will occur monthly for 36 months. 

Each month 2,777,777 tokens will be distributed.

Marketing: 150 Million Tokens

This is reserved for promotions, bonuses, events and ads. These tokens will be distributed over a 48 month period. This will begin 4 weeks after launch. 2,708,333 tokens will be distributed each month.

Staking: 700 Million Tokens

700 million tokens, or 70% of supply, will be reserved for staking. This supply will vary depending on how many are airdropped for initial supply.


Burning of supply will happen through “buy back” of released tokens.

How this works:
We take a fee from non-FUEGO staking cards. For these staking fees we divide up our fee in 3 parts. 

  • One: To the company
  • Two: To the community to vote on how to distribute – to charity, new media launch, disaster relief, activism, etc. 
  • Three: To buy back and burn market supply.

To clarify, this is not burning supply reserves. This is actual burning of supply on the market.

Affiliate NFTs

  • 20% of LetsGo NFT revenue will go to buying back $EGO from market and then airdropping EGO tokens to NFT buyers.
  • LetsGo will not receive revenue from all NFT sales but we will offer incentives to artists and charities to include us on as many campaigns as possible.
  • You buy from artist or charity –> we buy $EGO from Market –> we airdrop $EGO to you –> everyone is happy ( :

When you buy NFTs at LetsGo.Finance a percentage of $EGO token will be bought from the market. Some campaigns LetsGo may receive a greater percentage of the sale from the artist, in which case a greater percentage of ego will be purchased. Other campaigns LetsGo will not receive any percentage of the sale, besides platform fees.

We will be 100% clear to buyers as to if LetsGo is receiving a percentage of sale, and if so what that percentage is. When we receive a percent of sale we will buy EGO off of the market using the revenue. 20% of the ‘’ revenue from sale will go to buy $EGO and airdrop it to the buyer.

What does this mean, exactly? It means that when you buy NFTs on LetsGo.Finance there is a good chance you will have $EGO airdropped to your wallet.

CLICK HERE for more information about NFTs and Tokenomics


Our NFT platform should be ready for both BSC and ETH by October, 2021. NFT airdrop creatives and services will be available immediately on NFT  launch for preferred media partners and enterprise.

Custom URLs and User Templates (similar to shopify) for auto and custom integrations should be ready by October, 2021. 

Our Custom staking card and token launch services are available immediately on launch for preferred media partners and enterprise.

Staking Wall (Paywall for those staking) will be implemented November 2021.

1 Token To Change The Donation World
  1. Stake For Personal And Donation Generation. Choose the percentage of APY to go to charity or artist. Choose the percentage of APY to go to yourself.
  2. Donate directly to the artist. 
  3. Governance for the donation hub and the NFT social platform.
  4. Staking pools for new tokens 
  5. NFT and collectible airdrops for $EGO holders
  6. Paywall access (optional for artist) when a user stakes on an artist (Like Patreon, OnlyFans, etc). 
  7. Sell NFTs (Fractionalized) to mimic fundraising efforts as seen on platforms like GoFundMe.

Each Egosystem (smart chain) will have its own governance. Your vote will be weighted by the amount of tokens on the wallet address for that particular ego system. Voting will determine how the funds accumulated from fees will be allocated. Specifically, what organization (charity, new media launch, etc) will receive the funds.

We expect each Egosystem to adopt its own unique character.

The Donation World Just Changed Forever

Let’sGo! harnesses influencer and corporate partnerships and combines that with a flexible strategy to raise donations for those who need it most. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a long-running issue such as child trafficking, we will target pressing issues and raise funds accordingly. Non-profits, religious groups, defense funds and artists will see Let’sGo! as the best option to raise funds.

  • Artists – More than ever artists need guaranteed monthly revenue. There are donation sites that offer locked-in monthly payments but credit card cancellations and censorship have resulted in interruptions to payment flow. Our system does not censor, nor are there credit card cancellations.
  • Churches and Non-Profits – It is common for Churchgoers to dedicate 10% or more of their income to the Church. This makes Let’sGo! a perfect alternative currency option. This system creates abundance through the power of giving.
  • Influencers – Social media influencers bring micro communities that can reach millions of people. Not only will they want to build their own Let’sGo! profiles but they will want to promote charities to spread good will.
  • Athletes
  • Towns
  • Cities
  • And more!
  • Donation Vaults – “Donation Vaults” act as default options for those who want to stake their money with LetsGo! and will trust our community to donate the funds where they are most needed. We have a Charity Vault, Defense Fund Vault, Artist Vault, Media Vault and Emergency Relief Vault. Funds raised here will be distributed where the Let’sGo! community votes they should go.
  • NFT Airdrops – VIP to events, collectibles and more — Artists will be able to send airdrops to those who stake on them.
Only holders of the $EGO token will be able to vote, with votes weighted by the percentage of token owned and staked on the voting address. 
Donation vaults will also be needed if a project leaves the platform, as the money staked will be rerouted to the relevant Donation vault so the user staking contact remains intact.
Marketing with Engaging Content For Top Brands and Influencers

How do we know that Let’sGo! is going to be tremendously successful? We look around at what others are doing in the DeFi and NFT industry and we think, “We will do it better.”

The “network effect” is a concept in marketing where the number of participants improves the value of the good or service. The Let’sGo founders created an influencer agency before the term “influencer agency” was an actual thing. For clients they achieved the following: 20 Billion + video views. 100 Million + article clicks. 50 Million+ social media followers. They grew, from scratch, the largest health and political social media followings.

All of this was self-funded and over 95% of the growth was organic, which means they were not buying ads. They published engaging content and partnered with influential brands and personalities.

They’ve replicated this growth on several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Twitter.

Our marketing prowess, networks and ability to mass produce interesting content will be like nothing the DeFi or NFT space has seen. The “network effect” will be everything we’ve ever done before compounded by the opportunity for participants to accumulate life-changing wealth and social good.

Tribal Conflict

Activism is a permanent fixture on social media. Whether you like it or not people will want to express themselves and alter public opinion to their point-of-view. Our system multiplies this reality.

By allowing the community to vote where the donation vault funds will be distributed, along with other governance matters, we will see users promoting and advocating for whatever projects they want to see win votes.

What charity will get the donation vault? What media start-up will get the donation vault? Who will get the Defense Fund vault? 

The answer: Whoever the community votes to receive the funds.

Staking Options

Our initial staking options will focus on $EGO, stable coins and large cap coins. When a user stakes a stable coin, the artist will be paid a percentage of that stable coin. The user staking will also have the option to decide what percentage APR of the EGO token can be distributed to the artist and what percentage will go to them.

Choose who you want to stake on! You can see who has the most staked on their profiles, who you are currently staking on and more.

Now you’ve chosen the person or organization to stake on. Simply choose the smartchain and token you would like to stake with. You can also make a one-time donation and soon after launch we will include NFT rewards for donations, which are displayed under the profile like and instagram image feed.

Users can decide what percentage of the APR will be shared

When and artist wants to claim rewards, they can! All rewards will be thrown into a pool, so there is only one withdrawal fee. In addition, if they user staking claims rewards first, there is not fee for the artist at all.

The Paywall Option Like Patreon and Others

Paywalls are popular with monthly subscription style platforms. With our monthly staking options, we will provide paywall options for artists to users who are staking on their profile. With split APY and paywall options for artists, we are establishing innovative approaches within the DeFi space and applying them to the donation model.


NFTs have stormed onto the cryptocurrency scene. NFTs will be displayed underneath the artist or organization profile – think of it like an Instagram feed that can be sold..There is no better way to donate to your favorite cause than NFTs – where a percentage of resale value can always go back to the original seller. While staking is a great way to donate on a monthly basis, the best way to raise money for an emergency is through an NFT. Think of it like and one-time donation on GoFundMe but instead of a “thank you” email, you get an NFT that may result in massive value, or not.

Charities, Churches, Activists, Artists, New Media, Defense Funds and more will want to take part in the NFT marketplace as our community gets creative for events that may require quick action and fundraising.

We also offer one-time donations for GoFundMe style fundraising where goals can be met.

The Staking Distribution Process

The staking diagram (smart contract) will be different for each token and smartchain that is being staked on. In these examples, we’ve put together a diagram of what will happen when a user stakes BNB or a stable coin through the Binance Smart chain. This process allows us to pay artists in the large cap or stable coins that are being staked, rather than only the EGO token. We think this provides legitimacy and convenience for the artist or organization, whom may not be as crypto savvy as the average person that participates in DeFi platforms. In these examples we show the tokens being staked on Venus. The top factor for deciding where to stake stable or large cap coins will be security. For some select coins, such as $CAKE, we can stake the $CAKE for higher yields without sacrificing security. So we will always go with the most secure systems and will choose higher yield staking options when possible.


Jesse Herman

CEO & Founder

20 Billion video views for clients. 50 million social media followers. Millions in donations and sales.

Michael Shmulevich

Blockchain Development

Software architect and blockchain developer. Proven team leader with 15 years of experience.

Kathryn Yap

Creative Director

Video production and multimedia director, with thousands of videos produced in a variety of industries.

Philip Cripe


Team leader with extensive IT experience that has forged partnerships throughout the globe. NGO founder and former leader of Political Party in France.

Patrick Ian Santos

NFT Product Manager

Years of experience in team management, tech and graphic design.



CEO at CyberFi 6 years in Senior Management. 4 years in crypto. 3 years creating DeFi. CEX - 2017. Oracles ETH - 2018. Cross-chain DEX -2019.

Cal Evans

Legal & Governance Advisor

Writer, Award Winning Speaker, and top five Independent Cryptocurrency Compliance expert. (As rated by Forbes).

Our Advisors