NFTs and Tokenomics

Affiliate NFTs

  • 20% of LetsGo NFT revenue will go to buying back $EGO from market and then airdropping EGO tokens to NFT buyers.
  • LetsGo will not receive revenue from all NFT sales but we will offer incentives to artists and charities to include us on as many campaigns as possible.
  • You buy from artist or charity –> we buy $EGO from Market –> we airdrop $EGO to you –> everyone is happy ( :

When you buy NFTs at LetsGo.Finance a percentage of $EGO token will be bought from the market. Some campaigns LetsGo may receive a greater percentage of the sale from the artist, in which case a greater percentage of ego will be purchased. Other campaigns LetsGo will not receive any percentage of the sale, besides platform fees.

We will be 100% clear to buyers as to if LetsGo is receiving a percentage of sale, and if so what that percentage is. When we receive a percent of sale we will buy EGO off of the market using the revenue. 20% of the ‘’ revenue from sale will go to buy $EGO and airdrop it to the buyer.

What does this mean, exactly? It means that when you buy NFTs on LetsGo.Finance there is a good chance you will have $EGO airdropped to your wallet.

Why would Artists and Charities Share Profit from NFTs with LetsGo.Finance?

We can provide help in a variety of ways: Marketing, Logistics, Networking, etc.

Also, the person or organization launching the campaign might decided the additional incentive to buy their NFT by our community is worth it. No matter the reason, we will be working with certain projects and you (the buyer) can be rewarded in a big way.

Buying Pressure

Our goal is to not only reward buyers but to also create a massive amount of buying pressure on the market. Sure, those getting rewarded can sell their tokens. That’s great! Not everyone will – certainly not right away (HODL) – and buying pressure is always a good thing.

Our Approach to NFTs

We are a donation site. We created an entirely new way to donate through DeFi, we created a one-time donation system like GoFundMe and we view NFTs as an amazing way to donate. When you buy and NFT from an artist, church, charity or community it is more of a donation than an investment into something that can one day be worth millions. This is not to devalue our NFTs, as many will have tremendous value. By understand, we think the fact that they are seen as donations GIVES them inherent value. For example, if a charity receives 50% every time and NFT is resold, then the charitable aspect gives tremendous value backing the NFT. Does this make sense? We hope it does!

*Please note: LetsGo reserves the right to airdrop excess seed and marketing allotments to NFT buyers, rather than buying back $EGO from market, depending on market conditions. All specific numbers are subject to change as we grow and adjust as needed.